About Us.

With over 26 years of experience in managing assets of Ultra-High Net Worth Families (UHNWF), Yellow Brick Capital Limited’s  founder and Chief Executive Officer set up the Company with the intent  of providing a cutting-edge investments platform to select number of UHNWF and individuals.  Our ability to source and execute real investments transactions includes extensive expertise and knowledge.

Now, we are a group of people that decided to take ownership of our own investments and not relying on others to do it for them. After years of research, planning and executing we have successfully developed sophistication, depth, and flexibility to enhance the management of our own deals. As a result, we benefit from shared investment expertise, exceptional alternative investment options.

Yellow Brick's principals:

  • Investment independence, along with a shared investment culture.
  • The idea of not investing for the sake of investing, but if an opportunity is good for us we will invite others to be part of it.
  • No vendor biases
  • Reporting, monitoring and record-keeping of investments.
  • Risk Management.
  • Develop and manage relationships with external professionals and service providers.
  • Exhaustive due diligence, mitigating risk and guaranteeing best investment opportunities

Family Office.

Yellow Brick's team has great expertise performing the following activities:
Discretion, confidentiality and flexibility. Reporting, monitoring and record-keeping of investments.
No vendor biases: accounts and mandates can be set to each client’s specification. Support in family counsel and other family governance bodies.
Ability to segregate assets. Address client/family’s fiduciary/trustee needs.
Risk Management and Performance Management. Coordinate educational and succession strategies and programs
Develop and manage relationships with external professionals and service providers. Coordinate banking and cash flow management.
Generational transition.
Asset allocation and strategy oversight.
Bank relationship Advisory.

Real Estate.

Yellow Brick Estates Limited – The real estate management arm of the Group specialises in sourcing and executing added-value and opportunistic real estate investments. Our focus has been on identifying real assets that can be acquired at attractive valuations that are situated in locations with strong local demand and expected long-term pressure on yields. Our operational expertise allows us to increase cash flows and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns. We create value through a unique investment strategy:

icon_searchReal Sourcing

Although at times we use conventional methods to source our deals, we excel in sourcing off-market deals and creating unique investment opportunities.

icon_bagPortfolio Mix

We strive to build unique portfolios, which include investments in both high quality income producing assets and opportunistic assets. This strategy provides sufficient cash flows which allows us to remain liquid and flexible while simultaneously enjoying alpha returns from opportunistic investments.

icon_Opportunistic_strategiesOpportunistic strategies

We excel in, office to Hotels, development and operations, office-to-residential conversions, change-of-use, residential developments (both ‘in-house’ and outsourced) and operations of HMOs and student accommodations.

icon_flexible_exitsFlexible Exits

We embed a flexible exit period of 12-18 month into the investment strategies. This strategy has several major implications: unlike many real estate private equity funds, our investors are not bound to sell good assets merely as a result of exit strategy constraints; moreover, this investment philosophy also allows us to take advantages of certain investment opportunities that may emerge from time to time that have this sort of flexibility.

Private Equity.

Our private equity activities are opportunistic, but predominantly focused on investments in private companies with a proven product or service, a unique edge and protection from competitors via high barriers to entry and/or patents. The company industries vary across the spectrum but the goal is the same: outward looking growth to expand internationally, and create and generate value with a product or service that is highly desirable and conscionable. Investments have ranged from patented microchips and sensors in agriculture to innovative software used for education.

Due Diligence includes legal and industry research, technical and financial analysis. We, the investors are pooled together into a single investment vehicle. This creates more power to us as investors, board seats, voting power, rights and strong oversight. Funds are used to expedite growth and expansion.

Our areas of expertise:

Our Team.

Get In Touch With Us.

Yellow Brick Capital Advisers (UK) Limited

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